Product Features

With Hyper Wiper you will be able to...

  • Keep sites that should not be removed from Internet Explorer's history and drop down URL list.
  • Keep cookies that store important login information.
  • Select which files should populate the "Recent Documents" list, even if you haven't opened them recently.
  • Populate history lists in Windows Media Player with fake files.
  • Delete cookies.
  • Delete typed URLs.
  • Delete temporary internet files.
  • Delete recent document list.
  • Delete Media Player history.
  • Delete temp files.
  • Delete Internet Explorer history.
  • Empty the recycle bin.
  • Delete Run/Search history.
  • Use Hyper Wiper's 150+ compatible plug-ins, all free, that can clear out the history lists of just about any program you own.
  • View a comprehensive log each time the software is run, so that you can see exactly what the program is doing.
  • Keep your information safe with Password Protection.
  • Encrypt your saved settings for extra security.


"I found nothing bad on his computer!"

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ONLY $29.95


You'll feel better when you clean your computer
of hidden tracking files and history logs.


Only $29.95

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